2010-02-25/27 SM Gafsele RESULTS
6-dogs; Haldex, Tirithe, Niro, Pya, Dimrill & Tióne (Bronze)

This was our last competition for the season since the dogs got sick after this race.


Photo by Kjell Ek.

Once again we were looking forward to race three days in a row. I did the same as I have done before, I stood on the brakes for the first day. It was a good decision and the dogs did a really good job, even Loddie who can be very up and down... This day she worked really good and I felt that this team was a really good team. Tirith was up front with Haldex, in heat, as well as Tióne, who for the first time was put down from lead and put in wheelposition with her halfbrother Dimrill. I wanted to test Tirith once more in lead. She was really good and she and Haldex held good speed. A couple of kilometres before goal we passed Ida Björk without problems and we came in as number four in the list for the day. I was very pleased and hoped Loddie would be as good as she was today, the following day.


I had many handlers except for the last day, since I didn't want Haldex or Dimrill to smell the females in heat. Loddie is really 'out in the blue' when starting and Johan had a little bit of problems handling her. She bit him in the arm and hands. We were let go and the dogs ran as fast as they could and it felt good. But, it didn't last long before Loddie was in her mood 'up and down', so I knew that the time this day wouldn't be good. She mostly ran along and I had to adjust the speed to her. But we were still in fourth place when all were finished racing. One day left and we were going to work as hard as we could to reach third place. The next day I left Loddie behind.

Tirith and Haldex in lead, with Loddie and Niro in team and Dimrill and Tióne wheel


DAY 3 - the last day

When watering the dogs, Loddie felt fine, but I know her and I was not going to take her in the team. This day we had to fight for reaching the third place. I would have won the bronzemedal anyway since the guy who was in third place is from Germany, but the feeling of winning a medal when you are in fourth place just because the one in front of you isn't Swedish, no... That feeling I don't like as much as I knew I would if I myself had gotten the third place.

I started out with just five dogs and so was Marco Hampel who was in front of me. The start felt good, as always, and we actually saw Marco in the first hill, but after that it is downhill, so he disappeared on me. I knew in my gut that we were close enough to get to him, but then I had to pass his team and then get away from them. That is the hard part. After 4minutes and 10 seconds we were behind him and now I had to make a nice pass and then put in an extra gear so we could loose him. I saw my chance at a right turn, but I wasn't prepared for the left turn that were right behind the first one. My dogs always want some space between them and the other dogs, so Haldex pushed Tirith a bit and she stepped out in the loose snow and stumbled before she got up. I was ready with the anchor to help them untangle as fast as I could, but there were no need, they got up fast and we were at it again. This time I waited til the curves had ended and I passed the other team without any problems.

Kicking our way to the goal

Now the kicking started! I wanted to get him as far behind as I could, so I could be sure that I would get the third place. I kicked and I kicked. I kicked myself sweaty and it took several kilometers before I didn't see the other team anymore. I ran every uphill and pushed the dogs to go as fast as they could, and Oh! did they go!

This days time wasn't the best time over the three days, but it was the best day in the team. All the dogs worked very focused and hard. They are amazing; Giving me what I want and doing their very best!

The teams that took gold and silver both had 6 dogs each in their team and I am proud to say that my team was just 14 seconds behind the goldmedalist and we had the exact same time as the silvermedalist, so you may believe that I was very pleased with my team!

And for the last day I could step up and receive the bronzemedal, together with winner Ylwa Malmberg and silvermedalist Lisbeth Brax-Olofsson.

The team on the way to cross the finish line

I'm already looking forward to next years season, when youngster Trickster and Saria will be on the team.

Special thanks to Kenneth, who lent Dimrill to us all season. Without him we wouldn't have been able to run the 6-dogclass.