2010-02-20/21 SHAM-draget RESULTAT
4-dogs; Haldex, Tióne, Sirius & Pya (5th place)

I remember this competition quite well. I had a new member in my team, NO UCH SE UCH IGAIS Tassar Canis Major Sirius, who is lacking one 1st prize from becoming a working champion. The idea was to get that prize for him and of course I totally blew it. In this competition I also had a co-work with kennel Ylajärvis, and also raced in the 6-team dogclass. So first out was the 4-dogteam and I accidently forgot my glasses when I started out. Shortly after the start there is a sharp turn to the right, where all the teams should go straight ahead, on a smaller road, which wasn't easy to see. I had my eyes filled with snow and my eyes were filled with tears from it, so I totally missed the turn and the dogs went on the bigger road. That, of course, meant that I had to stop and turn the dogs around in a u-turn, which wasn't that easy. We made it, but lost a couple of minutes. We ended up in 5th place afterall, so I was happy for that, but we missed the first prize with a minute, I think it was.

Tióne and Haldex in lead. Pya and Sirius in the back.