2010-02-20/21 SHAM-draget
6-dogs; Loddie, Niro, Tia, Duro, Grynet, Umiak (GOLD)

A co-work with kennel Ylajärvis. We decided I would be the driver of our combinated 6-dogteam. Since I hadn't competed in this class before I wanted my two own dogs in lead. Loddie and Niro are not my best leaddogs, but I knew that we at least would get in the right directions. So with them up front we put Malins touristdogs in team and wheel. It was a bit stressful the first day getting to the start, but we made it.

photo: Kenneth Norberg

We took off, and this time I hadn't forgotten my glasses. And I knew where NOT to make a turn. The dogs were really excited and they really surprised me. I was a bit concearned of having to make passes of other teams, but there was really no need to worry. The dogs made the passes of other teams with no problems. It was only Duro who was a bit insecure, since he had some bad memories of being passed by other teams in the past. We had to pass an openteam, two teams in my own class, one nordic-musher and a malamute 2-dogteam. So we really got some good experience of good passes. When we had finished the race I was surprised to see that team Shejrix/Ylajärvis was in second place, right after Lisbeth Brax-Olofsson.

The second day I had Malin, owner of Ylajärvis kennel, and her cousin Helena to help me with the switch from the 4-dogteam to 6. We had about 40 minutes from when I came in from the 4-dogclass to the start in 6-dogclass. I got to start in front of the leader in 4-dogclass, just so that I would make it to the other class. Malin and Helena had fixed everything, so the only thing we had to do was to put one of my locks for the skies on the sled, on her sled instead, since she was missing one. And then harness all the dogs and go to start. We got there in time.

We started out with a bang. Now the dogs knew their way and I was really really hungry from having run the 4dogsclass, so I thought of food most all of the way. But when I realized that we had a good chance of getting a really good placement, I started thinking of something else... "- What if... What if this is the moment, when I'm not kicking... What if this kick that I don't take, is the kick that makes me loose... " And then I kicked! I kicked as much as I was able with the speed that we had.... I kicked and I saw myself up on first place, for the first time... Oh man, did I kick!

When we got closer to goal, we saw the back of other teams, and even passed a 6-dogteam on the last hundred of meters to the goal. Just before my team were to pass the finish-line I see the face on Malin. She was smiling and she was smiling BIG! She was looking at her clock and she was certain that we had won the race. I couldn't believe it. Just seconds after, Greger, Lisbeths husband, came up and said the same thing. Well, I said that I wouldn't believe it until I saw it on paper. But WHAT a feeling!

I must say, that I did not believe that two of my 'not-the-best-dogs-in-lead' dogs, would take us to the goldmedal, and yet they did. With excellent help of Ylajärvis-dogs, who knew how to lift their feet when we were out on the ice where the snow had almost swept away the track at certain places, and the help of those four strong dogs in the hills, we achieved much more than I had believed. So, my first race in 6-dogclass, was absolutely my most memorable race, and I hope that I can achieve that again, but with a team of my own dogs.

Thank you to Ylajärvis dogs and Malin Sundin, for a great co-work-competition.


Lisbeth Brax-Olofsson(silver) - me - Adam Kolota(bronze)