2010-01-14/16 Nya Nordic Open RESULTS
6-dogs; Haldex, TiĆ³ne, Dimrill, Pya, Tirith & Niro (SILVER)

As our first competition with my own dogs in 6-dogclass and Dimrill borrowed from Kenneth, we were stronger than I thought. The dogs worked hard, but were a bit tired the last day. Despite that we achieved to get the silvermedal with us home.


I had a plan, and followed it through. Since my dogs are a bit lazy in the hills, my plan was to stand on the brakes the first day so they would hold all three days through. So I stood on the brakes for the first 5-7 kilometers and when the hill came, I let them go. It was the right decision and we finished in 3rd place on the first day. We had several passings with other teams. The first one we passed was a team of greenlanddogs and Dimrill was spooked even though they didn't do anything. The passings of others teams after that was without any problems.


The first day they all worked fine, but this day was the day when Pya wanted a vacation, she didn't pull at all. But she ran with the team in the same speed, so she wasn't slowing us down at least. The other ones worked just as hard, our time was a bit slower today though since Pya just ran along. Just before the last curve we passed the team who was in second place, which meant we ended up in second place. I was very pleased with my team.

DAY 3 - the last day

This was the most nervous day for me because I have a tendancy to always loose a placing when I know someone is chasing after me. This day was the day when I learnt a good lesson; To believe in myself and my dogs - all the way through the race.

We got to pass some other teams, among them my friend Malin Sundin who was driving in the middleclass. At some point after passing her I thought I saw the team who was in third place, and they weren't close so I wasn't gonna give up the silvermedal without a fight. Me and the dogs put in our extra gear and I kicked myself tired and run up the hills. I, for the first time, kicked my sled over the finishline from the last curve. It was enough... we got the silver!

Many thanks to family Christofferssons for all the help getting me to the startline, and thank you so much for having us at your house.