2010-01-2/3 HAMAR RESULTS

4-dogs; Haldex, Tióne, Niro & Loddie (1st of 3)

Me and my friend Daniel went to Hamar for our first sledcompetition of the year. A really nice competition where we made new connections with new, interesting people. We got really nice help from our swedish friends Lisbeth Brax-Olofsson and Greger Olofsson. In return we helped them. Both me and Daniel competed in the 4-dogclass and he borrowed Pya from me. My own team was, as usual Haldex and Tióne in lead and Loddie and Niro in the back. The first day I had the (un)luck to start in the A-class teams. That meant I had Venke de Lange behind me and I looked for her, to be prepared when she would come up and pass me. When she came, I showed her with my hand that I would like her to pass on my right side, since there was a lot of space there. When she was beside me I hit the brakes, and it didn't take long before she was long gone. My dogs tried to keep up, but it is stupidity and to much of a risk to keep up with A-dogs, so I hit the brakes once more and kept the speed which suited my dogs better. On the second day we had a nice run without complications and it resulted in our first place for the year. Here is my movieI from the competition.


Me and Daniel getting our prizes